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People Fear Chiropractors

It has come to my attention that some people fear chiropractic work.

chiropractordecided to make it my mission to understand why. It all boiled down to one answer: they don’t understand what it is, and they don’t know what exactly a chiropractor can do for them. My answer is to that is, it’s time to do some research! I personally visit Results Chiropractic and Wellness in Franklin, TN and Dr. Marc Oliver has over 25 years experience. Every time I leave his office I feel like years have been taken off. If you are in the Franklin TN are and looking for a chiropractor Franklin look no further than Dr. Marc Oliver at Results Chiropractic and Wellness.

When you are afraid of something, so often is more about a lack of understanding. So, what really needs to be done is to gather some basic knowledge on the subject matter at hand. You can start with an easy Google search, but have you ever found that to be overwhelming? So start locally. Go online and find a chiropractor in your area and actually pick up the phone, schedule a consultation, and physically walk yourself in that office. Share what is bothering you and what has kept from coming before.

Ask other people who have gone to a chiropractor, or who have thought about it. What were their concerns? Were they happy with the results? It is important not to hide behind a computer to answer every question you may have. You will find every angle of what makes something good and bad. If you have ever looked up a chicken recipe online you will know what I am talking about. Some people love it while some give it one out five stars. The best way to decide if it is for you is to actually make the recipe yourself.

I’ll never forget when a friend of mine that I hadn’t talked to in years called me with the same questions. She had injured her neck in a skiing accident and was so scared of surgery, or any method that involved a scalpel or heavy medication. She was obviously well enough to make the decision to deal with the pain and not have surgery, but she knew there was another way.

I had been to a chiropractor after my back injury, and she wanted to know how it worked and how I felt. I immediately knew she was scared. I put her mind at ease and told her she needed to call first thing in the morning and direct her detailed questions to a professional chiropractor in her area, and they would put her mind at rest.

She sent me a thank you card three days later. I still have it on my fridge, and we now talk about our experiences with chiropractors on a weekly bases.

So before you decide not to do something that could cause you immense relief, make contact, and decide for yourself with background of knowledge rather than letting fear make the decision for you. It will take time out of your day, but it will be completely worth it if your quality of life improves.

Speaking to people face-to-face is really the preferred method, or pick up the phone. Nothing beats actual contact with the people who are involved in helping you with what ails you.